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Book Clubs are for people who are curious and willing to be challenged, to explore different inner/collective voices. It is a gathering of people with a desire in their eyes and thirst for new horizons. We want to learn and we dare to face our ignorance. No one knows it all! Books have the power to change, forever, our brains and, consequently, our life and our realities. Books allow us to develop different perceptions and new ways to interact with ourselves and our surroundings. 


Whatever your relationship with books or your reading habits are, we invite you to co-create an environment for learning and discussing ideas. Our intention is to seed  open spaces to facilitate social interaction through knowledge sharing and community building, whilst weaving different worldviews and perspectives into our awareness.

We want to connect with people willing to take a step further on global/local solutions and alternatives to the economic, climatic, environmental and social crisis we face collectively. 

Join our growing network, which encompasses different knowledge systems and backgrounds, in this first series of books.

Which Books?

We have carefully selected 9 books to kick off this movement. We will be providing a short bio of the book and reasoning for choosing it before each month. We have also aligned these to dates. We are open to changing the reading order and to add new books to the series, based on the group's decision to pick the title most of interest.

You are welcomed and invited to add your book choices to the list too, for us to enjoy and to get inspired by.

“Suggest a Book”

Get in touch let us know what books you wish add

Thanks for submitting!
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