How it became for me to be here...

I started out in Permaculture in the UK in 2003 and the passion an inspiration I got from doing my PDC really propelled me into a new life of diverse discovery around the world.

I landed in Aotearoa the beginning of 2010 and over the following years realised that I wanted to make this place home. I have been involved with the Permaculture in New Zealand organisation and community since 2014 and been sitting on their PiNZ council from 2017. Each year my involvement and dedication get stronger and the connection with the people deeper and more elaborate.

Locally I have been involved with the Christchurch Food Forest Collective, Harbour Co-op and the Food Resilience Network, I was also on the design & consulting team for the Otakaro Orchard in the CBD.  From this involvement, I gain the understanding that there was a need for community-based learning and engagement to empower ourself as a community with the knowledge and skills to transform life, community & food security within our region.

2015 I was the lead organiser for the National Permaculture Hui hosted in Christchurch. And out of that event, a new Canterbury permaculture group formed.

Shortly after my permaculture teachers training course 2016, some of the collective created Canterbury Permaculture Institute.

My deep interest is in woodland management and the right livelihood we can have within it. I am also exploring social permaculture, our philosophy and cultural changes within seasonal living as we grow and expand as a movement. This is where I spend most of my time, talking and researching to create a broader perspective of how we can alter our relationship and interaction with nature without the degrading or destruction of our environment.

Axe in Tree Stump
Wild Path
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