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Meagan Rutherford

I picked up Marshall Rosenberg’s book ‘Nonviolent Communication (NVC), A Language of Life” back in 2008 and had an immediate “yes!” It offered exactly what I needed at the time to make changes in the habitual ways I was communicating with my family that were not creating the connection, mutual respect and care that I so value.

As I studied and practiced NVC I came to realise that it is SO much more than a model of communication and so began my inspiration, passion and commitment to teaching and sharing it. I offered my first workshop in 2010 and continue to this day to offer basics training, introductions, deepening workshops, practice groups and personal coaching. I am a NZ/Aust LIFE Programme graduate (Living Integration Full Embodiment) and will be forever grateful for trainer Robert Gonzales and the practices of Living Compassion I learnt from him. My learning and development
continues as a candidate for trainer certification with CNVC (The Centre for Nonviolent Communication).

One of the absolute joys for me in sharing NVC is the wonderfully diverse range of people that I get to work with and support. NVC, the language of the heart, touches us all and helps to create a truly collaborative and connected world where everyone’s needs matter equally.

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Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Introduction to Marshall Rosenberg’s model of communication that supports an awareness of the universal human needs that we all have, and so helps to create a world where everyone’s needs are valued equally. NVC offers a practical set of skills to enable us to connect and communicate effectively and compassionately, without judgement, criticism or blame.

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