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Ōtākaro Orchard

Permaculture Consultant & Design

This site is the 1st of their multi-node hub for the Food Resilience Network that will showcase multple food growing techniques in an educational the projects and organisation around Canterbury that are involved in bring about food security and resilience to our community. 


This will also be a demonstration and education site for different food growing systems. When all establish, it will be a thriving produce garden for the cafe.


The FRN won its EOI for 276 Cambridge Terrace in 2015 and the first earthworks took place a year later followed by the 1st phase fruit tree planting. It is now been 5 years and the next phase of the site is in Motion ... the building of the info/ cafe/ facilitation center, earth-conscious design incorporating appropriate energy and technology as well as green roof water catchments and clean waste systems.

National Permaculture Hui 2015