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Crofty's Crofts 

Permaculture is a recent interest of mine. It began when I started to become concerned at the time I was spending using my phone. What eventuated out of this thought was a life-changing event. One where I started seeing how much we all were becoming increasingly dependent on our digital lives; One where the community is online and in homes rather than outside in the environment; one where I was finding friends suffering from mental health issues and locking themselves in homes rather than seeking the love of friends; one where activism was taking place on Facebook and not in the soil working together. And so it is a passion of mine to reconnect people and nature together to create a future where we empower one another to succeed instead of competing against each other.


My work history has been mainly labour based, either working for landscaping, building and or operating machinery. These jobs have given me the skills to create landscapes for people, to create carbon reduced households, creating spaces for people to enjoy. My heart belongs to helping our people, young and old to be more resilient in the face of adversity. The future is looking more uncertain, by building resilience we build happy, strong communities, one where work for the common good.

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