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Our first Module - Philosophy & Design

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Great start to our course, our group holds such a deserve range of skills and knowledge!

We spent our first weekend at Avebury House in Richmond, a brilliant location to get into to our stream of knowledge from ethics & principles; design tools, techniques & methodology; sustainable community tools; ecological systems; environmental view; and zero waste.

Our 1st PDC Certificate Group

Each weekend module is open up for everyone to attend, there are multiple workshop options to join us over the next 1-2 years if you can't do the full 20 day course.

Next Month: Water & Soil

Water: Management; Catchment; & Starage

Soil: Science; Compost - cold, hot & slow - leaf mould, Hugelbeet; Amendments - EM, Bokaski, Liquid & green manure; Worm farms.

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