With a background in Horticultural Science, I began working as a professional gardener in 2008 on the island of Sark in the Channel Islands, U.K.  Working in both domestic and commercial organic market gardens my interest and understanding of Permaculture grew, leading me to complete a PDC and begin my Diploma in Applied Permaculture.

This Journey led me to design and Implement several gardens on Sark including the design of Stocks Hotel Permaculture garden which won multiple awards and was chosen by the RHS to feature on their garden tours list, propelling much interest in Permaculture within the community.

Other landscape designs incorporated domestic greywater treatment systems, compost shower systems, wildlife-friendly shelterbelts, rainwater harvesting, and integrated food production systems.

As a core member of the Cook Island-based organisation kiaTAERIA, (working Towards Awareness of Environmental Responsibility and Individual Action), I was greatly inspired by the solution-based approach of Permaculture. It challenged me to observe and interact with my community, and to identify the best way to promote environmental awareness and permaculture philosophy.

The result of this was the creation of Sark Roots festival, a three-day event featuring live music, permaculture, and workshops. Sark Roots 2018 was our third year running and was reviewed as the best Channel Island festival of 2018. It has been an incredible platform to spread the word of permaculture and connect many like-minded individuals.

Now having returned home to Aotearoa I am excited to get involved with Permaculture in New Zealand and help our country transition into a regenerative economy.