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Permaculture Education

We held our 4 Intro to Permaculture last Sunday, Dana and Roz held space for our biggest group to-date!

So great to see so many more interested faces getting excited about permaculture and the solution-based concepts presented through our informative card game and mini design activity.

Every time we play this game a new layout appears and the conversations that flow, are always quite unique. We have taken a picture every time to capture the different arrangements of this game, I wonder when it will happen that we repeat a layout… couple of decades? Never? We get the chance for another try soon ... 2 weeks till the start of our year-long for the Permaculture Design Certificate, the first day we will run this again.

The PDC course covers the topics from these cards, plus more concepts that are not included. We get to visit different sites around Canterbury that have got elements of the principles and ethics of permaculture, and we get to learn from those that are living the different design systems or practices.

We are very excited about this course as it is the first of its kind for the South Island. We are running the PDC as a module course rather than a 2-3 weeks residential course, the standard practise for most teaching in NZ, and globally. We have 10 modules, one weekend a month over the next year, we get to see permaculture through the seasons, perfect way to absorb it all.

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